Possible good news?


As Chinese authorities voiced confidence they were containing the country’s coronavirus outbreak, the official Xinhua News Agency meticulously chronicled President Xi Jinping’s personal battle against the epidemic — from visiting front-line medical workers to fielding calls from foreign leaders.

In a glowing article published this past week, the state-run media organization concluded that Mr. Xi’s dedication proved he has a “pure heart like a newborn’s that always puts the people as his number one priority.”

Officials and the government-controlled press have kicked into high gear to shower praise on Mr. Xi, portraying him as a decisive leader who rescued his country from a public-health catastrophe and bought time for the rest of the world to prepare defenses against the highly contagious new pathogen.

There could be lots of reasons for this coverage; the best perhaps is that Xi’s people have determined that the worst of Corona Corona is behind them. Bonus: in other news, someone has gotten a new voter.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    If I were Blago, I would be a public Trump supporter too, after having my sentence commuted. Anyway, I suspect his support is more based in gratitude than a change in political beliefs.

    As for Xi, he may be the beneficiary of a relatively mild virus that has been greatly over hyped. He can take credit for stopping the Black Death that was never going to happen anyway.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Infectious Disease Expert Warns of the Consequences of Needless Coronavirus Panic


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