Back to Wuhan


Xi Jinping visited the quarantined city of Wuhan on Tuesday for the first time since the coronavirus was identified there, reflecting confidence that the epidemic’s spread has been largely contained within China. Mr. Xi’s visit, which came as Italian authorities locked down the entire country and governments from the U.S. to Iran scrambled to contain the fast-spreading virus, follows weeks in which China reported a steady decline in new infections.

In an unannounced trip, Mr. Xi arrived in the stricken metropolis of 11 million people to visit front-line medical workers, military personnel and community workers, state media said. Wuhan, the center of the epidemic and capital of Hubei, has been locked down since late January as part of unprecedented measures curbing movement for hundreds of millions of people across China.

Mr. Xi stopped by a local hospital and residential community, where he praised Hubei and Wuhan for achieving “important interim results” in containing the coronavirus and voiced optimism that victory was near at hand. Even so, he urged continued vigilance and all-out efforts to defeat the epidemic, describing the task as “arduous and onerous.”

Our advice: stay young and outside of Iran if possible.

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