A little note

We have several thousand books, and we wanted to spend some time thinking about which mattered, which didn’t, and so forth. What was the earliest book that captivated you? What do you recall in precise terms from the books? What poetry do you remember? Oh, if you’re going to run a meaningful book, don’t be this guy.

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  1. Bruce Abbott Says:

    The first book I remember reading was “On Beyond Zebra” by Dr.Seuss; but the first book that really enthralled me to the point of multiple re-readings was “Outline of History” by H. G. Wells. Only later would I dive into his fiction.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    The first book that captivated me was a biography of Babe Ruth which I read in the second grade. I was also very proud of myself for reading a 215 page book intended for 5th and 6th graders.

    However, the book I have reread the most times, perhaps 5 times, is this book, POW by Doug Collins,


    Collins was in the British Army and was bagged at Dunkirk. He escaped from numerous Axis prison camps. It’s the best adventure story I have ever read.


    Never much of a poetry enthusiast, but I recall liking Charge of the Light Brigade, and Casey at the Bat. “If” was a very good one too.

  3. D Says:

    The first reading I remember “captivating” me was the Reader’s Digest series on human anatomy, “I am Joe’s …” And ” I am Jane’s … ” The writer who strikes deepest for me is George Eliot, followed by Henry James, due to their understanding of and sympathy for the eclecticism of human nature.

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