For the record from 2/7

“Trump uses virus to test his border plan; Trump removes inspector general who was to oversee $2 trillion; Acting Navy Secretary resigns after insulting; Treasury Secretary Mnuchin seeks additional $250 billion; Underfunded, Understaffed and under siege: unemployment offices nationwide are struggling; Trump expects quick economic comeback, but China’s incomplete recovery hints at long-lasting problems; Stephanie Graham out as White House Press Secretary after eight months during which she held no regular news briefings; Leslie Jourdan is our feisty quarantine uncle; Going outside is our only escape, but now that’s scary too; Listen: voting in a pandemic, an island’s fears,” etc, etc. Nothing here was made up; these are the WaPo stories from their presence on the Kindle WaPo, repeated without eliminating others, and in the order displayed by the Post, without eliminating others. QED.

2 Responses to “For the record from 2/7”

  1. feeblemind Says:

    To summarize, the Trump stories = Orange Man Bad.

    Virus stories = Be afraid of the pandemic. Be very afraid.

    The economic beating we are taking will be Trump’s fault as well. I would be surprised if any state governors are called to account for shutting their economies down.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Doctors, Doctored Numbers, and Democracy

    Many of our so-called health experts are acting less like good doctors and more like bad politicians.

    “To make intelligent decisions about countermeasures, we would need have hard data about all these matters. Yet, for two months, doctors such as Anthony Fauci have messed up millions of lives and commandeered trillions of dollars while scaring the hell out of people and watching curves based on projections based on meaningless numbers. Watching the several curves resulting from the testing that is now ongoing and that is projected to continue as the country suffers will provide only more guesses, that will feed more models and more disputes.”

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