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  1. feeblemind Says:


    Here’s an interesting question, what if they reopen the economy and people are afraid to come out of their homes?

    This survey, if correct, shows the American people to be absolutely terrified of the virus.

    The media has done its work well.

    From the article:

    Why do an overwhelming majority of Americans support such a drastic shutdown of the nation’s economy? The polling shows that, as of April 4-7, most Americans fear the virus:

    A total of 94 percent are very or somewhat concerned about the spread of the virus in the United States;
    More than three in four (76 percent) are very or somewhat concerned about catching the Wuhan virus;
    Nearly four in five (79 percent) are very or somewhat concerned that they or someone in their family could die from the virus; and
    Three-quarters (75 percent) believe the worst is yet to come regarding the pandemic.

    But the survey shows that, at least as of last week, they fear the virus more than they fear the economic consequences of the virus.

    The public’s lack of competence in assessing uncontrollable risk is mind boggling.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Don’t know if the Dinocrat has seen this.

    It’s the transcript of a talk Michael Crichton gave in 2003 titled, “Aliens Caused Global Warming.”

    The topic is the politicization of science. It’s an engaging read.

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