The college professor president

Things used to be interesting but they’re mostly boring now. There used to be some ambiguity about who this newcomer Obama was. Now we all know. WFB’s dystopic vision of being governed by the Harvard faculty has largely come true in the person of President Obama. He appears to have the political convictions, executive ability and private sector experience of your average liberal arts professor.

He’s a plausible, but careless and arrogant fellow, whose main gift seems to be his ability to deliver forgettable words in the compelling manner he learned in his church of 20 years. Many have noted his callow grandiosity, so evident for a long time now, which should have disqualified him as a candidate in a serious country.

With the assistance of the unpopular Speaker Pelosi and the embarrassing Senator Reid, he currently has the ability to do some really bad things to America’s economy and standing in the world, unless the wiser heads in the Democratic Party constrain him or the public wakes up. We’ll just have to wait and see how that one turns out.

Here’s hoping that things stay boring for a while. The alternative is not pretty, particularly when both political parties are asleep at the switch when it comes to dealing with real and acute long-term vulnerabilities of the nation.

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  1. Thomas Jackson Says:

    While I agree with you I fear that Obama arrogance is only exceeded by hgis incompetence and ambition.

    But waiting for the establishment GOP to rescue the Republic will produce another Bush clone along the lines of Rommney or Huckabee.
    This accounts for the Left’s extreme efforts to slime Pallin.

    The more this goes on the more I want her to be president. If the Left fears her its because they realize she is the holy water to their vampire OB.

  2. Geraden Grey Says:

    In the words of another, the Messiah has been educated beyond his intelligence. On top of that, the Great Orator is incapable of stringing together a plausible sentence without the use of his tele-prompter. Pathetic is a word that comes to mind.

  3. Maggie's Farm Says:

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