Travis County, Texas: It’s a whole ‘nother country

Everything happens in Travis County, Texas, and its county seat, Austin, and it’s super fun:

Dan Rather is featured speaker a fund raiser for Travis County Democrats, raising $20,000
Dan Rather did the fund raiser for his friend, current Austin mayor, Will Wynn
Dan Rather lives in Travis County part time
Dan Rather’s daughter, who lives in Austin, Robin, is co-sponsor of the fund raiser
Ben Barnes, who lives in Austin, is a co-sponsor of the fund raiser
Dan Rather’s fundraiser, so-sponsored by Robin Rather and Ben Barnes, is at Will Wynn’s house
Ben Barnes is on the Finance Committee of Travis County Democrats
Ben Barnes and Will Wynn serve on a number of the same Austin boards
Robin Rather is said to be considering a run for mayor of Travis County seat, Austin
Ben Barnes is a former Lt. Governor of Texas who was disgraced in a stock fraud scandal
Ben Barnes was accused by federal prosecutors of a $500,000 bribe of a lottery official
Ben Barnes is the #3 individual contributor to John Kerry, over $500,000, through bundling
Ben Barnes said he got George Bush favorable treatment when he was Lt. Governor, but he wasn’t Lt. Governor when Bush went into the TANG
Ben Barnes’ daughter Amy says Barnes is lying about helping Bush get into the TANG
David Van Os, Bill Burkett’s attorney, was chairman of Travis County Democrats
David Van Os, Bill Burkett’s attorney, says that Burkett did not create the Rathergate memos, though Burkett implies he was part of the effort, since he said on 8/25, that “we” have reassembled Bush’s TANG records

Bill Burkett is not from Travis County, not that this has done him any good. He is a sad case, a man whose statements are all over the place and none too rational. Look here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here, for starters. Burkett, at the suggestion of Max Cleland on or before August 21, sent the Rathergate memos to the Kerry campaign.

Some time after that, according to Dan Rather this evening, CBS contacted Burkett, not the other way around. The clear implication is that Cleland, the Kerry campaign, or an as yet unknown third party tipped CBS off to the existence of the Rathergate memos.

The Kerry/Burkett contacts continue to multiply. Not only Max Cleland, but Joe Lockhart, talked to Burkett, at the suggestion of Mary Mapes (yikes!). There will be more.

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