East St. Louis’s Boss Tweed heading to the hoosegow

We wrote about the fraud in East St. Louis early in the year, and Gateway Pundit reports now that there have been convictions of the Democratic Party officials involved in the fraud. A trial for attempted murder will also take place.

Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker has written that approximately a quarter of the Democratic vote comes from African Americans. That estimate is certainly consistent with the electoral map, which shows an intense concentration of Democratic votes in a small number of urban areas, as we have noted on many occasions:

It is obvious to us that that there may well be a greater number of minorities indicted and convicted in these voter fraud schemes, as they come to be increasingly prosecuted. The prosecutions themselves have become almost inevitable as the frauds have moved from the “vote early and often” stage to a frenzy in which the dead and their pets try to vote twice or more — this is the bitter fruit of Democratic desperation at the polls. So we expect some charges of racism to be raised by the usual suspects, and we might add that “usual suspects” is perhaps itself an opportune phrase. However, to all the honest and upstanding election officials, of whatever persuasion, hue, bias and predeliction, we offer a simple solution to nasty government inquiries, and a timely one at that:

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  1. Airdale Says:

    We, in PA. can’t even get the state to require photo ID as identity proof when voting. Why? Well, it might “intimidate” some voters in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

    Funny, they don’t seem to be intimidated when they use that same ID to cash a check.

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