Phil Pearlman provides definitive advice on how not to raise your children

Phil Pearlman, the son of a successful urologist in Southern California, was a sixties rock musician who did not believe in the “unnatural augmentation of smell.” He did not believe in raising children properly either, as appears evident from this interview with a former band member on his life a decade ago:

It seems he had married a wonderful woman who was totally supportive and involved in his choice of lifestyle. They had several children who were being raised on a farm/ranch east of San Diego, California. The Ranch had NO electricity, they also used a well for water. He was raising goats, which according to him he slaughtered personally and humanely whenever preparing them for market. He described to me what he thought was the most inhumane conditions in the local slaughter-house techniques. He had devised a quicker, bilateral knife to the carotids on a goat that was painless and “humane”. For some reason I had a hard time in visioning Phil killing anything.

One of the funnier situations he described about his family situation was his utter disgust with his in-laws for giving his kids a battery-operated television. He said he was having to act as the TV police, trying to limit the ways in which television might damage his children permanently! Another funny thing was that the very old 4-cylinder, white, rusty, small pickup truck he came to my office in was stripped inside of anything that resembled comfort. It was a stick-shift, headlight-switch-only-affair, with gaping holes where radio, air-conditioner, or glove-box might reside. Even the window behind the driver between the bed and the cab was missing. I vaguely recall that the side driver and passenger windows were absent.

It seems that Phil’s son has moved from a family where the throats of goats were slit, to a family that likes slitting the throats of Danny Pearl, Eugene Armstrong, Nick Berg, and so many others, all the while chanting “Allahu Akhbar”. Phil’s son is now known as Adam Gadahn.

The left photo is from Gadahn/Pearlman’s FBI profile; the right is from this ABC story that characterizes him this way: “Only a few years ago, Adam Gadahn was a southern California teenager with interests in the environment and heavy metal music.” Sounds conventional, doesn’t it? ABC leaves out the parts about the no electricity, the goat slaughtering, and the truck mutiliation. ABC does tell us, however, what precious little Adam is up to today:

In an apparent Sept. 11 communiqué broadcast on ABC News, an al Qaeda operative threatens new attacks against cities in the US and Australia. “Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne, God willing. At this time, don’t count on us demonstrating restraint or compassion,” the tape warns. “We are Muslims. We love peace, but peace on our terms, peace as laid down by Islam, not the so-called peace of occupiers and dictators.”

American intelligence officials believe the man who appears on the tape to be Adam Gadahn of Orange County, Calif. Last year, Gadahn delivered a similar taped communiqué for al Qaeda. That tape was later deemed authentic. On the new tape, delivered to ABC News, Gadahn’s message contains a very pointed al Qaeda threat against Los Angeles and Melbourne.

Given the upbringing of young Pearlman, does it seem inexplicable to you that he wants to aid in an attack of Southern California, the land of his demented father? As for our part, we will think of Adam Gadahn/Pearlman, “who should be considered armed and dangerous,” and his father Phil, every time we now drive into the parking garage at LAX. (HT: Michelle Malkin)

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  1. larwyn Says:

    “we will think of Adam Gadahn/Pearlman, “who should be considered armed and dangerous,” and his father Phil, every time we now drive into the parking garage at LAX.”…..Dinocrat

    I watched “Flight 93″ last night. My daughter and I had to watch the 11 oclock replay, we keep breaking into tears during the 9 oclock broadcast. At the end of our second viewing she said “It is a shame that they weren’t able to get control of plane in time to make a landing”.

    “Dear, I hate to say this, but the way things are now, by this time, they would not be the heroes. The terrorists would have an army of lawyers defending them. The heroes would have had to get lawyers and would not be allowed to tell or sell their stories as books or movies. They would be government witnesses if not defendents. The terrorists’ attorneys would file charges against them, that their clients were attacked for looking Arab. These fine young men were trying to stop the real ones, the other two, and then everybody attacked them too. It would probably still be going on. And in the meantime
    the “heroes” would have mounting lawyers’ fees. And each of them would
    have every detail of their private lives used against them.”

    “Remember that the Mother of the 6’4″ rugby player said her son almost missed the flight as he had a hangover. The way it works, they would paint the paniced passengers as encouraged by a drunk. It is sad, but that is the way it is now.”

    What does that have to do with driving into LAX?

    The story of the co pilot raised the hair on arms. Unless the Discovery Channels producers were remiss, in not adding the context that Airlines’ offices
    were swamped with calls from other husbands and wives of Flight personnel,
    it seemed the wife was calling a little too soon and portrayed as totally distraught
    that her husband wasn’t returning her calls. Did she sense or know something?

    Even after the copilot is sent message to call his wife he does not.

    They said it is not known how the terrorists gained entry into the cockpit.

    Every other plan had 5 terrorists, Flight 93 had 4.

    The copilot may have been one of those that did not know the full scope
    of the plan. He may have agreed to highjacking and hostage taking – but
    when he realized that he was on suicide mission, he baulked. And they
    murdered him. That is why the Terrorist who had to fly the plane was not
    prepared to do so. The real copilot was to be actual pilot and terrorist knew
    enought to sit in as copilot. Think about it, the other three planes hit targets
    dead on.

    There is also the minor detail of the Egyptian pilot that ditched his plane in the
    Atlantic several years back “all the while chanting “Allahu Akhbar”.”

    How many other Adam Gadahns are out there?

  2. CF Neal Says:

    Dear larwyn:
    Please tells us you have more than just your fetid imagination & not altogether unjustifiable paranoia for making such a serious allegation/charge against the copilot?

    Nevertheless, your haunting query remains:
    “How many other Adam Gadahns are out there?”

  3. Me Says:


    The copilot fought valantly alongside the pilot to fight the hijackers. This is well know an documented, had you or your mother bothered to do a simple Google search or watch Dateline before spewing your venim. There is absolutely no evidence that he was Muslim or had any ties to Afganistan, Iraq or such.
    In fact, to the contrary, he was a patriot. He worked and paid for his first pilot’s lessons. He graduated from the Air Force Academy and served his country during Dessert Storm and Desert Shield. He was a well decorated military man before his HONORABLE discharge and entrance into civilian life.

    Can you or your mother say the same.

    By the way, prior to 9/11, cockpits were fairly easy to get into. Sometimes, passengers were actually allowed into the cockpit.

    On September 11, 2001, LeRoy was flying with Captain Jason Dahl on United Flight 93. Based on information from several sources that day LeRoy and Jason were the first to fight against the terrorist threat to the airplane. LeRoy has received many awards and citations posthumously, for his actions on Flight 93, including the Congress Of Racial Equality – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference – Drum Major for Justice Award and the Westchester County Trailblazer Award.

    Tell me, is your defamation of a good man’s character a manifestation of your realization that some terrorists don’t necessarily look like “those people”, but that some may look like you and yours? Just remember Oklahoma and answer your own question. By the way, I did not lose any family members to 9/11, but I did lose one to the Oklahoma City bombing.

  4. GeoOc Says:

    This atmoshpheric blog sends an attack on AG’s father – who few know & the fewer that have spoken for their own chances at infamy were not close to evidently.

    While adam’s life has become a horrific thing it Is a Betrayal of all his father – my childhood friend – & his mother stood for & attempted to raise their children believing. His father Phil was a diligent environmentalist, surfer, kind, genorous & above all intelligent thinking man. The back to the earth goat farm was maintained while still involved in deep education of the whole family in an attempt against violence & inhumanity to the world with full responsibility for all actions.

    AG’s treatise & later attestments on his chosen violent lifestyle are composed of the minimal foci of a child & much of it distorted to suit his emotional structure that still whines through of “why can’t I have what other kids have” that his Father was full of misgivings that last time I spoke with him decades ago.

    While AG has squirmed & manipulated his way – he shares his family’s genius intelligence – if people read between the lines of his communiques & listened closer, they would hear his attempts to mitigate the lust for violence his handlers require & his ongoing love/ate twisting towards his father.

    In this age of technology & bigotries, media replacing our real souls & spiritual needs with the bombardment of how we all should be, blaming the father with grand sucking largesse is hardly valid. Has anyone heard or seen Phil Pearlman since the original announcement? Have you heard or seen The Father supporting his son or laying blame anywhere? No.

    It may be because he is fully sequestered by our government; it may be fear . But knowing Philip as I do it is the deepest grief & sadness about the worst failure a loving father could experience.

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