Our new JonBenet Ramseys?

We have ourselves spent time in underground coal mines, so we are fans of doing everything practical to ensure mine safety for the industry that generates 52% of the electricity in America. But when we saw the MSM follow up coverage of the sad case of those 12 West Virginia miners with ghoulish details and yet more mine accidents, we think a little perspective is in order. Here it is from the Mine Safety and Health Administration section of the US Department of Labor:

We have gone from 1500 deaths a year to less than two dozen now. That is a story of triumph, not tragedy. But thanks to the lamebrains of the MSM, will we now see a manufactured scandal? Will every mining death become a JonBenet, an Elizabeth Smart, a Natalee Holloway? (The answer is no, but not because of good work of business, labor and government, but only because miners are in general not pretty girls.)

On the other hand, that has not stopped the MSM from getting the vapors when reporting our current military death rate in Iraq — which is not significantly higher than the peacetime 80’s. Hmmmm, wasn’t Jessica Lynch from West Virginia. Now if the MSM could only get her to work in a coal mine, and get interested in girls, now that would be a story, maybe even a full length feature film.

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