The internet jailbirds

Michelle Malkin was lucky: she got off with only a warning. She had a charge of “Drugs/Alcohol” and “Illegal Activities” lodged against her, but apparently she was not convicted, or at least not sentenced as harshly as some others, who landed in the internet version of the cooler.

The gangsters at Powerline, such dominant forces in organized crime that they have dropped their former aliases (Deacon, Hind Rocket, Big Trunk) were convicted and sentenced to solitary confinement. Their crime was logged as “Hate/Violence.” Charles Johnson was also convicted and banished — his crimes included not only “Hate/Violence” but “Pornography” as well. And it certainly is no surprise that the Godfather of internet crime, Hugh Hewitt, was also convicted in the “Hate/Violence” category; after all, just look at incendiary books he has written.

What are we talking about? The American Airlines club at Miami International Airport is blocking the websites above, after its filtering program, Content Watch, convicted them of the captioned crimes. They are jailbirds now, and they are allowed no visitors — at least no internet visitors. (The case of Michelle Malkin is a bit more complex, since visitors are allowed, once they acknowledge that they are about to be exposed to her “Drugs/Alcohol” and her other “Illegal Activities.”)

It is most disturbing that mainstream Republican and conservative writers are being banned on the internet at public locations in the United States — and being smeared with accusations of drugs, violence, hate, pornography, and illegal activities. We did not do a comprehensive check of websites of a more liberal orientation, but we did note that Daily Kos was operating just fine.

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  1. Mark Soper Says:

    This is as fine an example of ‘nanny state’ thinking as you can find on the planet. I’d suggest putting ContentWatch’s feet to the fire, as I have done. You can contact them at Go to for additional contact information.

  2. Lupe Smit Says:

    I just sent an email to info@con…this to me is outrageous
    As an american of cuban origin is also quite scary…..Thank you for keeping us informed.


  3. vj Says:

    Perhaps contacting the American Airlines Club and telling them their filtering is set to be too restrictive?

  4. Mike Says:

    Just a FYI: Pandagon, and Firedoglake are NOT blocked…. at least as of 1 month ago they weren’t. Was able to pull them up no problem (don’t ask why I was reading that crap)….

    But if Hugh Hewitt is blocked, and Pandagon is NOT blocked… they have a serious liberal problem in their IT department. Since “content watch” can be configured to screen out whatever you want, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the company itself. True, it has a logic search that comes pre-programmed to do certain things, but those things are X, Y, and Z… not Republican, Conservative, or Christian—- although if you’re an evil secular progressive server administrator at American Airlines, achieving the latter is just a matter of typing the site, and clicking a button.

  5. Fritz_Katz Says:

    LGF is linking this post:

    My comment: “LGF, Internet Haganah, Powerline is banned by the content filter at my company. DailyKos, DU are not.” — there is a real need for someone in the blogosphere to do a more comprehensive study on which content filters are banning which sites.

  6. Bruce Rawlings Says:

    No tickets ever again on American Airlines for me or my family.

  7. Random Numbers Says:

    If I have any choice whatsoever I avoid AA like a plague, but don’t blame the airline for this. Content Watch is the guilty party here. AA’s only sin here is in not keeping better track of their contractor’s activities.

  8. Jeff Says:

    Most web filtering done these days is no longer done by a black list of web sites., Usually it is done by specific keywords. Which has it’s upsides and down sides. The good thing about it, as far as filtering goes is that catches new sites that are appearing on the web each day. The down side, is that it has the potential to over filter. Because no one previews everything it filters, the code determines what is filtered. Before you jump to conclusions maybe you should try to do some research on your own, instead of being blind followers. Everyone has their own agenda to push, and twists things to make their point. So before you assume, and make an a** out of yourself. Try doing some of your own research and and get some information from both sides and then make a educated decision. You can find information on the company and their filtering from the following link:
    I did my research maybe you should do yours!

  9. Van Says:

    To those who suggest the condemnation list is just random and is mere coincidental, one would suggest that you consider per the article that it is mainly conservative people on the hit list. Does computer software have political opinions? The left cries tolerance, but it is only for those who agree with them; anyone who disagrees with them is a hate group and worthy to be stoned.

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