School Days, updated and revised

A nation of ignoramuses who do not know how to read, apply logic, or do simple math, has no future. We don’t need jihad to undo the Enlightenment. We can do it all by ourselves. Consider the academic program that has a 20% market share in the nation’s grammar schools. NY Sun:

The state of Texas has dropped a math curriculum that is mandated for use in New York City schools, saying it was leaving public school graduates unprepared for college. The curriculum, called Everyday Mathematics, became the standard for elementary students in New York City when Mayor Bloomberg took control of the public schools in 2003.

About three million students across the country now use the program, including students in 28 Texas school districts, and industry estimates show it holds the greatest market share of any lower-grade math textbook, nearly 20%.

Some questions for 5th graders:

A. If math were a color, it would be –, because –.
B. If it were a food, it would be –, because –.
C. If it were weather, it would be –, because –.

The situation with 4th graders:

“The curriculum’s failure was undeniable: Not one of my students knew his or her times tables, and few had mastered even the most basic operations; knowledge of multiplication and division was abysmal…what would you do, if you discovered that none of your fourth-graders could correctly tell you the answer to four times eight?”

The song School Days dates from 1907. Who would have thought that, a century later, “readin’ and writin’ and ‘rithmetic,” not to mention the hickory stick, would have vanished from broad reaches of the American scene? HT: MM


A fellow who was taught Everyday Mathematics illustrates its worth, via AP:

Police say a man tried to open an account with a $1 million bill, which does not exist. The teller refused and called police while the man started to curse at bank workers, said Aiken County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Michael Frank. Alexander D. Smith, 31, of Augusta, Ga., was charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of forgery, Frank said. The second forgery charge came after investigators learned Smith bought several cartons of cigarettes from a nearby grocery store with a stolen check, Frank said.

What a country.

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