Kind of a desperate move

The President has seen his polling numbers crash, which isn’t surprising given the warp speed pace of his self-destructive policies. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see him change course. But it is more than a little disconcerting to watch how he fudges and fools with the facts in such an inartful way. There was really no point to changing the percentage of Americans whose taxes Obama says he won’t increase from the long-standing but obviously dishonest 95% to the newly minted fantasy of 97% — it all sounds a little desperate to us, this inept improvisation.

2 Responses to “Kind of a desperate move”

  1. Brent Logan Says:

    Yeah, I get nervous every time I hear that “working families” taxes are staying the same or going down or whatever. What’s Obama’s definition of a working family? Only non-exempt workers? What about those who earn their income from investments? Are they working families? I don’t think anyone knows, even Obama. He can define it anyway he wants…

  2. boqueronman Says:

    Obama’s 97% of the population won’t see increased taxes is just as believable as Saddam Hussein’s election results which invariably showed him gaining 97% of the popular vote.

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