The president’s “new idea” became law in 1954

The President referred to his ridiculous exhortation to his cabinet to cut costs by a tiny $100 million in the course of his weekly radio address. Now he has an even spiffier idea: a suggestion box so that “every government worker can submit their ideas” to save money. (Of course the real problem is a $4 trillion budget that even confiscatory taxes on the rich will not pay for.) Maybe the people will continue to buy this transparent flim flam from the professor in chief. The AP has the story:

Americans across the country know that the best ideas often come from workers, not just management…That’s why we’ll establish a process through which every government worker can submit their ideas for how their agency can save money and perform better. We’ll put the suggestions that work into practice…later this year, I will meet with those who come up with the best ideas

Sigh. This administration can’t even do flim flam well. The Obama administration is 55 years late to the party with its suggestion box idea, and even behind the curve with a suggestion box that’s online:

“The Government Employee’s Incentive Awards Act, Title III of Public Law 763 was enacted on September 1, 1954 and established the Federal Suggestion Program. This program encourages all Government employees to improve efficiencies and economies of Federal Government operations…If adopted, suggestions should be implemented and the submitter may be presented with appropriate recognition”

We can only wonder what other “new ideas” of Obama will come from the Eisenhower administration.

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