Burying the lede

Some estimates of the March on Washington were a million people or more. It sure sounded that way in the video below (HT: RS):

CNN (the Billy Mays of news reporting) buries the lede in this story supposedly about Joe Wilson, while not even having a clue that it is doing so. It makes for a very funny video. HT: Powerline

2 Responses to “Burying the lede”

  1. bagoh20 Says:

    That’s an awful rowdy bunch of people waiting for the bus. Can’t imagine why it was so crowded. Maybe the government was handing out free cheese or something.

  2. bill Says:

    ha … yeah you right.

    Let’s cover the TEA party, by being at the tea party, but let’s actually discuss mean Joe Wilson, to demonstrate how deranged all these protesters are. Ask them if they support Wilson, to make sure to tie them with that rule breaker … gotta color the news, ya know.

    And make sure to keep the shot low, so we don’t show all the masses.

    Come on staff, any other ways we can demonize/marginalize this “mob”?

    100,000 or one million … either way that’s a lot of folks … and they left the place clean, not trashed, as it was after the inauguration.

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