Another argument against aristocracy

The perhaps inevitable wisdom of Prince Charles, who says that the world only has seven years left before it is too late:

the grim reality is that our planet has reached a point of crisis and we have only seven years before we lose the levers of control. As the President of Gabon said at a meeting I hosted last month, “The door to our future is closing…” This, I fear, is not an overstatement. For climate change is a risk-multiplier. It has the potential to take all the other critical issues we face as a global community and transform their severity into a cataclysm…We appear intent upon consuming the planet!

We are highly skeptical of AGW, but of course at the end of the day we may be wrong. However, all this talk of the imminent end of the world as we know it seems like a sort of religious hysteria to us. We agree with Roger Simon that our current age now bears some unfortunate resemblance to medieval times and superstitions.

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  1. Paul Says:

    The guy needs to be bitch slapped, put on testosterone supplements, and get a job.

  2. BC Says:

    Please, Queen Elizabeth, may you live forever.

  3. bill Says:

    We don’t really even know if there is warming now, though I’m glad previous warming removed glaciers from Illinois. The scary models are painted with the AGW cult’s preferred warm colors.

    But strip the hysteria away, and it seems a couple more degrees and higher CO2 is almost certainly a good thing which we should embrace.

    The AGW cultists have only 7 years left to milk their fraud for a few trillion dollars. That just happens to be when a second term of Obama would end, though he seems to be going for broke pushing his far left ideology … and I’m betting on “broken” in 2010 and 2012 elections.

  4. Maddog Says:

    This statement intrigues me: “We agree with Roger Simon that our current age now bears some unfortunate resemblance to medieval times and superstitions.” While accurate on its face it is false in its implication.

    The implication is that at some time man was less superstitious and willing to believe strange and unproven things. But this is not the case. Man has ever been thus.

    As Eric Hoffer noted in the True Believer, man is attracted to mass movements/compact groups for a number of reasons none of which is greater than his own hatred of self.

    Prince Charles is a man prone to mass movements and psuedo-sciencentific beliefs. He believes in all kinds of psuedo-medicines like homeopathy. These are antiscientific meaning not only do they not work; they cannot work. For the Prince AGW is perfect. It is a blend of pseudoscientific beliefs and mass movement. Self-hatred and irrational belief find synthesis in one movement.

    The psuedoscience arises from the real scientists inappropriate mangling of data, cherry picking of data, alteration of real data, creation of false data, inappropriate weighing of data followed by misanalysis, and creation of computer algorithms all moving the conclusion to a predetermined destination. These antiscientific manipulations must be suppressed from public and peer review and so the group becomes protective, insular and secretive. The result pushes the climate sciences from psuedoscience to antiscience and more accurately religion.

    Religion is a worldview or integrated partial worldview, which requires belief or faith in one or more important aspects. Here the opinion of the AGW scientists needs belief since they are secretive with the data, analysis, and computer algorithms. Only the conclusions are published. To accept AGW as true one must believe in AGW.

    Man is a religious animal. It is this and the knowledge of personal death, not the possibility of death but the reality of actual personal death, which separates man from animal. Likely the religious belief is a derivative of this nearly unacceptable knowledge.

    The reformation of religion in the west created a time where it looked like man was rational and basing thought and opinion on science and not belief. In reality the belief was just being satisfied by the reformed religions among other things. Today with the loss of religion, and that primarily among the political left, the need for belief is no longer being satisfied. This results in a need for mass movement or compact group to satisfy this need.

    Today environmental religions satisfy this need for many. Sadly these religions are unreformed and dangerous as all such unreformed religions. See Islam as an example. Fortunately, these religions are based on pseudoscientific belief and shining a scientific light on them usually results in their death. Because the underlying need to believe is yet unsatisfied these true believers are almost certain to find and attach themselves to yet another mass movement, restating the system yet again.

    We live in interesting times. Times when the cures to fictitious problems are real and even more damaging than the apocalyptic fantasies of the adherents. But for this it would hilarious.

    Mark Sherman

  5. Paul Says:

    Well done Maddog.

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