Flat earth society

Bloomberg presents a list of politicians and others who perhaps should be retired, since their dreary and inaccurate beliefs are so out-of-date, not to mention expensive:

Senators trying to salvage climate-change legislation this year are circulating a scaled-back plan to reduce emissions in a bid to win over more lawmakers. Among proposals being discussed to achieve President Barack Obama’s goal of capping carbon-dioxide pollution is a “hybrid” approach combining a tax on carbon emissions from refineries and emissions limits for other industries, according to Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican. “We’re looking at everything,” Senator John Kerry told reporters on Capitol Hill yesterday. The Massachusetts Democrat is working with Graham and Senator Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut independent, to craft bipartisan energy and climate legislation. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives passed a so-called cap-and-trade bill last year with support from Obama and companies such as General Electric Co.

Opponents, including billionaire Warren Buffett, said the emissions-trading program aimed at curbing greenhouse gases would amount to a burdensome tax on consumers. Comparable legislation stalled in the Senate.

Global warming was dead last among 2010 Americans’ priorities, according to a Pew poll, and no wonder, since it is undoubtedly the greatest scientific scam and scandal of at least the last century. Why look to Washington for leadership when these fellows are so far behind the times and really haven’t caught up with the Open Source world we increasingly inhabit?

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