What do some Democrats say in private to each other?

Certain Democrats continue to view the President as a guy who goes into a phone booth and comes out wearing a cape and tights. But of course there are true believers and there are skeptics. We wonder what a conversation at dinner among Democrats like Bill Clinton (we know what his pollster thinks), Marty Peretz, and Warren Buffett would sound like. We suspect individuals such as these are privately very concerned about the course the country is on. There are reports that say as much.

Like many Republicans who were Democrats for decades before making a switch, we continue to share a number of perspectives with the Democrats we named above. We would be surprised if the men we discussed above aren’t questioning the judgement and the many instances of odd behavior, of the man currently occupying the Oval Office.

The complex and strange President Richard Nixon inflicted great harm on his Party; we suspect that some Democrats are privately concerned that Obama is the Richard Nixon of his generation. We suspect that some mainstream Democrats are very concerned for their Party and the nation, but have been biding their time, hoping that matters somehow improve. Question: how long will it be before some senior administration officials involved in international affairs or economic policy jump ship?

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  1. reliapundit Says:

    between the election this november and jan 1st.

  2. F Says:

    Would they jump ship rather than force Obama out? Interesting conundrum. Especially for a politico. F

  3. Maggie's Farm Says:

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  4. feeblemind Says:

    If senior administration officials leave office after the election, as is often the case, it will be to cash in on their newly formed connections.

    My thinking is that senior administration officials are kool-aid drinkers, and are not worried about their party’s future.

    Perhaps in a future post Dinocrat could explain the philosophical differences between a liberal dem and a mainstream dem? They have all been voting for the same things these last 15 months. I can not ascertain a difference.

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