When did America become Albania?

Somehow the US has suddenly become Albania or some other moth-ridden, impoverished eastern bloc satellite of the USSR, if the Chevy Volt video below is any indication. This is a devolution so steep and so swift it’s hard to believe. HT: Iowahawk

PS: it’s hard to imagine the America of today (at least as it is currently being governed) having the will and wherewithal to muster the effort that ultimately resulted in VJ-Day.

2 Responses to “When did America become Albania?”

  1. Paul Says:

    Dinah Shore was pretty, and her voice skilled. The Volt girls look like they were recruited out of a Dunkin Donut shop and given two hours of dance instruction. Like a bad high school production in a fourth rate town. Pathetic. Sad, really.

  2. Elwin Valberg Says:

    “When did America become albania?” When obama appeared on the scene. He is a jerk.

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