Past the sell-by date

From an ABC interview where a GOP figure wants to discuss the crazy government borrowing and spending that is going to ruin this nation if not curtailed:

BACHMANN: You know, what I focus on today, George, is today’s the two-year anniversary of the stimulus program, where we spent a trillion dollars to make sure unemployment wouldn’t go above eight percent. That’s what I’m worried about, because the people in the 6th District of Minnesota are very concerned about job creation, and that’s a lot more important that dealing with -–

STEPHANOPOULOS: Final quick question. We’re just curious, we have a big day here, Lady Gaga in the studio. You a fan?

That’s ludicrous, but at least it’s better than the hackneyed birth certificate curveball at NBC.

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  1. MarkD Says:

    When you hire a political operative to report the news, you get the news that side wants reported. They don’t even fake it, and seem unconcerned that their audience is shrinking by the day.

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