Boeing and the NLRB

Two years ago at the groundbreaking ceremony, Congressman James Clyburn lauded Boeing’s decision to locate a fashionably environmentally friendly plant in South Carolina. Apparently Congressman Clyburn does not have much influence in the administration, despite his yeoman’s work against the Tea Party. As we previously noted, the NLRB has just told Boeing to pack up and leave South Carolina. Boeing’s general counsel responded:

We note in passing that Boeing’s general counsel was a judge on the 4th circuit and apparently has often been mentioned as a potential Supreme Court justice. We suppose he can forget about that now. As you would expect, we find the NLRB’s actions appalling.

Consider this. We now know that the current administration is 100% willing to adopt the policies of the previous administration if it suits their ends. And we know precisely what those ends are. Question: just how fast would the NLRB reverse itself if South Carolina might become a blue state in 2012?

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