The hangover


Why are the Greeks protesting? Against whom? They obtained long ago the promised bloated sector and high taxes that all schemed to avoid. Their alma mater EU is hardly a demonic capitalist-run plutocracy, but a kindred socialist state. Is Greece an oil producer, industrial powerhouse, high-tech innovator — anything that might explain the sort of upscale life, modern infrastructure, legions of Mercedeses, and plush second homes that one began to see in Greece after 1985?

In truth, socialist Greeks are furious that they have impoverished themselves and demand that private money and far harder-working Germans bail them out — but why so, when socialism should not need outside capitalist-generated dollars? Could not the Greeks, Soviet style, set up a Cuban collective, and adjust their lifestyles (there goes Kolonaki culture) to their means, living in an opportunity of result utopia with a huge public sector, more siestas, high but ignored taxes — with a collective good riddance to those awful intrusive German bankers?…

Who are socialists? There are none. Only technocratic overseers who wish to give someone else’s money to others as a means of winning capitalist-style lifestyles and power for themselves — in a penultimate cycle of unsustainable spending.

It’s quite a shell game when you’ve spent so much that taxing people at 100% won’t cure the problem. People, perhaps particularly the young, are going to wake up one of these days and figure out what has been done to them. When that happens, watch out.

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  1. David/California Says:

    “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always do run out of other people’s money.”

    – Margaret Thatcher, February 5, 1976

    In 2009, 49% (or 51%, depending on source) of the adult population paid no net federal individual income tax. How many of them would you expect to vote for higher taxes on somebody else?

    In 1986, Reagan’s tax reform dropped 18% of adults from the federal tax roles, over the objections of numerous economists and sociologists, who argued that the Democrat-sponsored tax provision had just created an economic class for whom there was a ‘free lunch’ – they could always support higher taxes and higher government benefits at zero cost to themselves. Subsequent ‘reforms’ have only increased that group. We are reaping the consequences of ignoring that advice.

    The ugly, deeply explosive secret of the political class – in Washington DC as well as Athens – is the budget cannot be balanced by taxation without reinstating taxes on the lower and lower-middle income classes. Or taxing the wealth of rich liberals. Or both. The ‘rich’ don’t have enough income.

    They’re killing the host, and parasites all over the world are looking for a replacement.

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