Days, not weeks

VDH in late July 2011:

In Libya we have no mission aim, no methodology, and no desired outcome — our consolation only that Libya is a tiny country compared to a nearly 30-million person Afghanistan or Iraq. Obama went to the Arab League and the UN, but not the U.S. Congress for authorization — but to do what? Help the rebels? Enforce a no-fly-zone? Kill Gaddafi? Overthrow the government? All, some, or none? All such mission objectives have come and gone. Now Italy has joined Germany and half of NATO in opposing the effort

March 18, 2011: “Days, not weeks.”

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  1. kalashnikat Says:

    Let’s hear it from you lefty peaceniks out there:

    Altogether now…

    One two three four,
    Stop this damned illegal war…

  2. kalashnikat Says:

    (Crickets, Chirping…)

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