Why bother?


The Obama administration outlined plans today to revamp government regulations that it said would save businesses about $10 billion over five years. The changes affect rules enforced by more than two dozen federal departments

That works out to each federal department saving businesses $83 million a year, if indeed the savings ever materialized. By contrast, the government borrows $188 million every hour of every day.

2 Responses to “Why bother?”

  1. feeblemind Says:

    This obviously a press release solely for the PR value.

    The 0bama administration is showing how “friendly’ they are to business.

    It’s all aimed at the voters, much like the terrific $170 million in cuts they made to show fiscal discipline a couple of years back after passing porkulus.

    And note they outlined “plans”. I would wager those “plans’ have already hit file 13 and it will be business as usual for said regulatory agencies.

  2. David/California Says:

    The estimated cost of federal regulations issued in the month of July is $9.6 billion. Forgive me if I fail to get excited about an estimated savings over 60 months which is wiped out in the first month…

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