Hard to please the WSJ


Americans are already living with the consequences of electing a President who sounded good but had achieved little as a legislator and had no executive experience. Mrs. Bachmann will have to persuade voters she isn’t the conservative version of Mr. Obama. Mr. Perry enters the race with a far more substantial record, notably 11 years leading one of America’s most economically successful states…The questions about Mr. Perry concern how well his Lone Star swagger will sell in the suburbs of Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where the election is likely to be decided. He can sound more Texas than Jerry Jones, George W. Bush and Sam Houston combined, and his muscular religiosity also may not play well at a time when the economy has eclipsed culture as the main voter concern…Mitt Romney is a weak front-runner who has money and campaign experience and looks Presidential. But he gives little evidence that he has convictions beyond faith in his own technocratic expertise.

Politico: “The problem, in shorthand: To many conservative elites, Rick Perry is a dope, Michele Bachmann is a joke and Mitt Romney is a fraud.” We’ll check back on this in a few months. HT: PJM

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  1. MarkD Says:

    None of them have the track record of failure that the incumbent owns. Sounds like a win-win-win situation to me.

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