What’s the next plot twist?

It’s hard to imagine how the country gets through the next 15 months with a more-of-the-same economic policy, though we have no reason to expect anything else from this crew. Apparently a part of the current political-media strategy is to turn up the volume against those average Americans called the Tea Party (here and here, for example), but it’s hard to see what the purpose of that is.

If America’s predicament was a work of fiction, we could imagine all sorts of lurid plot twists, evil-cracker-plots, peasant uprisings and so forth. But it’s not a work of fiction, though the attempt to paint nice people who want to cut the budget as extremists does have its humorous elements. So what’s the next plot twist? We can’t go on reading this dreary book month after month after month without something to break the monotony.

(Of course treating every business in the country like Gibson Guitar could create a series of diversions, but it’s very hard to see a happy ending for the authors of that plot line in November 2012.)

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