$529MM in taxpayer money for green jobs in Finland?

Solyndra on wheels? Clarice Feldman in AT:

Our tax dollars at work…a half-billion dollar loan (actually $529 million) from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a hybrid toy for the wealthy and/or celebri-licious (like Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the first customers) that, in real world driving, won’t get much better mileage than your average crossover utility vehicle. Not only that, but the cars are manufactured in Finland — that’s right, Finland — and shipped here for sale, where their purchasers will then receive a $7,500 tax credit for buying one (the “cheap” base model starts at $96,895, with the full-zoot Eco Chic model going for a bargain $108,900).

The EPA issued its mileage report on this expensive bit of work: It gets 20 miles to the gallon, about the same mileage as those too frequently demonized domestic SUV’s. Even the Volt gets better performance. Half a billion blown. No Jobs. No environmental benefit. A special tax break to the rich, including De Caprio. Does the administration know where to invest our money or what? Al Gore and Colin Powell are on the wait list for the car.

Big deal. We wish people would quit whining. Sure, these things cost us a half a billion here and a half a billion there. But it’s just money after all.

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