What part of the strategy are we missing?

We don’t get what’s going on with the administration’s strategy of embracing OWS. Reasons: (a) there are twice as many conservatives than there are liberals in the United States, 40-20% or more; (b) moreover, according to Democrat observers, Independents are much closer to the R party than the D party, further increasing the dominance of conservatism in the electorate; and (c) here’s Joe Klein of all people talking about OWS, which “includes a generous measure of weirdos, ideologues and free-range troublemakers. A recent, unscientific New York magazine poll of 100 demonstrators found that 34% believed the U.S. government is no better than al-Qaeda.” (These findings are consistent with Doug Schoen’s.)

So we’re a center-right country, moving more right, and even committed liberals like Joe Klein can see that OWS are losers and worse. So what’s the administration’s strategy here? There may be some allies of the administration who envision that OWS protests may lead to increasing levels of violence one way or the other and that this will inure to the benefit of the D’s as the proletariat rises up. But the country described in the paragraph above is neither Venezuela nor Cuba. In a bid to restore order, it’s hard to see a majority choosing left-wing authoritarianism. A greater probability is the opposite outcome. Again, what’s the strategy here?

2 Responses to “What part of the strategy are we missing?”

  1. Neil Says:

    It’s cargo-cult politics. If they re-enact the protests of the 1960’s surely political change will follow, right? Just like it did back then?

  2. bill Says:

    Far left radical is what Obama is … and at this point he has nowhere else to go.

    But if there is a strategy, it may be to appeal to his base as a phase 2 hope and changer, then switch to playing the middle at election time. He can always deny he supported any violence or the Marxist nuts, and claim he just backed the part of the movement that was “like the Tea Party” (which really isn’t much).

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