We don’t need no stinkin’ logic


When the EPA announced its new air pollution rules this week — designed to reduce power plant emissions of mercury and other to gases — Administrator Lisa Jackson blogged that: “Mercury is a neurotoxin that is particularly harmful to children, and emissions of mercury and other air toxics have been linked to damage to developing nervous systems, respiratory illnesses and other diseases.” At $10 billion a year, complying with the new rules won’t come cheap, and that assumes the EPA’s low-ball estimate comes true. According to the coal industry, this is the most expensive rule the EPA’s ever imposed.

For our part, we get our mercury from swordfish, about which the EPA also screams trouble. On the other hand, the EPA says that with mercury CFL’s “there is no evidence that the brief exposure to the mercury in a broken bulb presents a health risk to you.” Go figure. (The state of Maine begs to differ.)

BTW, both left and right, AEI and Brookings say that the $10 billion annual boondoggle by the EPA is totally unnecessary. Surprised?

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