Interesting if true

Zero hedge claims that 1.2 million Americans somehow dropped out of the labor force in one month. If that’s true, it’s both interesting and very odd indeed. What could be going on?

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  1. BigFire Says:

    As Mark Twain said about lies: There are lies, damn lies and statistics. You can make the number do anything you want, so as long as you’re the one massaging the number. If you just make the number of American work force shrink, you instantly drop the unemployment number.

  2. kalashnikat Says:

    Theyre still out there…I know a few dozen of them…they have not vanished or faded away…The regime is deliberately screwing with the numbers to make themselves look better…duh…they are just being more brazen about it than in past regimes…

    Real unemployment, of those who could, would, and should be working is probably closer to 18% than 8%….and a lot of the great unwashed masses out there are beginning to realize that the math doesn’t add up…add 175 thousand jobs, have new unemployment applications drop down around 350k, and suddenly the numbers get better by a noticeable percentage? Smoke…mirrors…fooling some of the people most of the time….

  3. Neil Says:

    Apparently, this is an artifact of the switch in January from using 2000 Census data to 2010 Census data.

  4. DANEgerus Says:

    Is it because they dropped off of unemployment rolls because their 99 weeks was up?

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