From WOW to Ishtar and beyond

Flash back to January, when the War on Women movie franchise opened its theatrical release, a co-production of the government and the media, based on a story written by ad men in Chicago. Then there was a long, improvised sequel offering comic relief as well as a cameo by a big star. Flash forward to the scripted press conference of the other day, and we see the debut of WOWIII. The first reporter asked two friendly questions. The second reporter asked a boring question and then asked about Augusta, which everyone was conveniently well-prepared for. No doubt there will be more of this every few weeks as the administration tries to energize the single women vote.

The AP spins wildly to support its government allies and the NYT editorializes in favor of outrageous statements from the administration. It’s as though we’re living in the middle of a badly acted, badly scripted movie. Everything that’s supposed to be hidden in a movie is visible. The actors are chewing the scenery, and the script has become obvious, visible, tedious and boring. You can actually see the man behind the curtain pulling the strings and orchestrating the special effects. The only thing that is worse than the media’s active participation in this tawdry business is that the men behind the curtain are so arrogant and contemptuous that they don’t even care if you can see them.

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  1. shortpigeon Says:

    Holy sh*t. You nailed it. I’ve been astonished at what I’ve been seeing and wondering at the obviousness of it. I can only hope that the rest of voting America sees it also and, despite the polls (and really, who knows how accurate they are?) will vote to change the scene and the players. But I am actually quite concerned. This administration seems to have no limits – they propose and do things that are unthinkable in our system of government and their supporters in the press just fall into line. I remember reading ‘1984’ and thinking that situation would never happen here because we would SEE it happening – how could you say one thing one day and the opposite the next, and people believe it? No one would go for it. Ha. I am amazed and saddened to see it happening now.

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