A question

A former general disses Keystone in Politico in words not perhaps entirely his own:

Those who support the pipeline cling to the idea that Keystone XL will reduce gas prices, while ignoring the national security concerns. But these claims have no basis in reality. Oil prices are set on the global market based on speculators and global economics -— and the president has little power to lower costs for U.S. consumers…As a political conservative and a longtime registered Republican, I rarely agree with President Barack Obama. But he made the right call in January when he postponed granting a permit to build the pipeline. It was a courageous decision that can help accelerate our commitment to clean energy development.

Here’s how the author’s job is described: “chief marketing officer of RELYANT, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business based in Knoxville, Tennessee.” That’s a suspiciously bland and imprecise description. Question: who are their customers and where is their business being done? Aha!

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