Imagining 1965

As we noted the other day, we remember life in 1965 as a teenager. It was a pretty different USA back then, with the likes of Gomer Pyle, Andy Griffith, Red Skelton, and Bewitched all in the top ten TV shows. As we were thinking about that Washington Post piece about Mitt Romney’s shenanigans 47 years ago, we wondered how old the author was. It turns out that we haven’t been able to determine that yet, but he seems reasonably young, and he apparently got his start as a fact-checker for the NY Observer twelve years ago. Maybe we’ll give him a call and find out, since his bio doesn’t appear on the websites of the Post or Observer or NYT or Globe, where he seems also to have worked. We have no idea what did or did not happen at Cranbrook half a century ago, but a number of the motivations that have been attributed to Romney by various parties do not fit very well with the way we recall life in high school in 1965.

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