Nearly 2/3 of voters not fooled by the media

This is the most interesting chart we’ve seen in quite a while. I’s and R’s see the media the same way — pretty much the mirror image of the way that D’s see the media. As recently as 2005, the I’s were split almost exactly between the D’s and the R’s, but the hyperpartisanship of the media over the last four years has moved the I’s to see them pretty much the same way that the R’s do, with both groups at record low levels of regard for the media. Nonetheless, the media continue to pretend that all is well for their side and 2010 never happened. Don’t believe it. Some large number of voters, perhaps verging on 2/3, know Pravda when they see it. (The Gallup info was a survey of adults, not LV’s, so the results among the electorate are even worse for the media.)

This is a big deal. We noted back in 2004 that the internet was going to become very important as a reliable news source, and that was before smartphones, YouTube, and the apotheosis of Google. When 60% of the country has little or no faith in the media’s objectivity, and 70%+ of R’s and I’s see the mdia that way, it means that a large number of Americans are finding and tuning into a competing narrative. The MSM don’t consciously appreciate this yet, but you can tell by their panicked behavior that they sense that something has gone very wrong.

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