Everybody knew about Benghazi immediately, including the CIA

AP reports what the CIA knew about the Benghazi attack on 9-11:

The CIA station chief in Libya reported to Washington within 24 hours of last month’s deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate that there was evidence it was carried out by militants, not a spontaneous mob upset about an American-made video ridiculing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, U.S. officials have told The Associated Press. It is unclear who, if anyone, saw the cable

Just like the State Department, the CIA knew all about Benghazi day one. Everybody knew. And yet the next day the president prominently alluded to the video (words 177-185) and demoted terror to a more generalized reference (word 620).

The cover-up began immediately. Reuters reported on 9-13 that it was “clear” that an angry mob gathered at 7pm to protest the movie, when not one of those facts was true. We think the cover-up was mostly about preserving a chosen electoral narrative. If so, it has been the most spectacularly unsuccessful cover-up of all time.

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