It’s time for the October Surprise

In 2004, the October Surprise appeared in the NYT on October 25 of that year, with the election on November 2. So it’s just about time for this year’s surprise to come into bloom. In 2004 the story was about 380 tons of explosives (out of 600,000) vanishing in Iraq because of poor war management. We had a little fun with that, a couple of times in fact.

So where’s this year’s October Surprise? The answer is that so far it appears to be hiding in plain sight. Neither the NYT nor the WaPo have devoted any investigative resources to the Benghazi cover-up, though we’ve seen local TV stations performing random acts of journalism. Let’s see. First the problem was a video and a movie review that got out of hand, and that was the story for quite a while. Now it’s the fault of the generals, who told a fellow four star “you’re on your own.” Is that likely?

From our standpoint it looks like you’ve got the administration and the media on one side, and the military and the CIA on the other. Tyrone Woods was a former SEAL. So was Glen Doherty. David Petraeus, another four star general, won’t take the blame for the screw-up. A roll-out of highly detailed information about Benghazi that is damaging to the administration began yesterday. Maybe that’s the best they’ve got, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see something additional pop in the next couple of days.

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