The stench from Benghazi continues to get worse

Sean Smith’s mother talked with all the most senior administration officials and couldn’t get a straight story about her son’s death. The video is very disturbing in that all the senior people she spoke to lied to her face, brazenly and ridiculously. This is the sort of thing that gets worse with age. Rumors abound, and even outlandish ones can gain traction in the absence of credible and coherent explanations. The sort of behavior on the part of the secretary of state, the head of the defense department, the US ambassador, as well as the vice president and president is mass-resignation-worthy not only for its vileness, but even more for its stupidity.

As for the facts, they seem to get ever murkier. Maybe there were troubling surveillance activities on the morning of the attack; maybe not. Maybe there were urgent written requests for additional security a couple of days before the attack (and other damning documents at the consulate); maybe not. The longer this goes on, the more confusing all the finger pointing becomes. ABC devoted 1200 words to a Benghazi update and we learn the administration is investigating, but that the president is not involved in that. If the media manage to drag their man across the finish line next week, we think they’re going to live to regret it.

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