What is the impact of this endorsement?

The mayor of NYC:

The devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to New York City and much of the Northeast — in lost lives, lost homes and lost business — brought the stakes of Tuesday’s presidential election into sharp relief…Our climate is changing. And while the increase in extreme weather we have experienced in New York City and around the world may or may not be the result of it, the risk that it might be — given this week’s devastation — should compel all elected leaders to take immediate action. Here in New York, our comprehensive sustainability plan — PlaNYC — has helped allow us to cut our carbon footprint by 16 percent in just five years…We need leadership from the White House — and over the past four years, President Barack Obama has taken major steps to reduce our carbon consumption

It’s hard to parody this endorsement. The economy’s in shambles, but we have a president who’s focusing on carbon. Parts of Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island are in ruins, and people can’t find a bathroom, but the mayor is going ahead with the marathon and he sure has cut that carbon footprint. We hope the people of New York City take seriously the electoral recommendation of their mayor.

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  1. David/California Says:

    All the above might be true, but don’t forget, the Mayor is also hosting a televised celebrity concert featuring all kinds of fellow-Obama supporters, and intended to cheer up those millions of residents without food or electricity. Just how they’ll be able to enjoy the concert on their non-working TVs remains a bit of a mystery, but I’m sure Bloomberg’s all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing government will provide…

  2. MarkD Says:

    The blizzard of 2010 was warning enough of how this would turn out if the incumbent mayor remained. The past four years ought to be warning enough of how things will turn out if the presidential incumbent remains.

    They have interests in power, and the perks of the job, but not much in actually doing it well.

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