Civilization — wide but not deep

Daily Mail:

Almost one week after superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast with its ferocious force, power was still out to some 2.5 million customers due to damages…It has been reported that crooks have been disguising themselves as Long Island Power Authority workers and coming by homes on the peninsula in the middle of the night while real utility workers were nowhere to be found. ‘We booby-trapped our door and keep a baseball bat beside our bed,’ Danielle Harris, 34, told the New York Daily News. The woman added that she has been hearing gunshots likely fired in the nearby housing project for three nights in a row. Meanwhile, local surfer Keone Singlehurst said that he stockpiled knives, a machete and a bow and arrow…

‘Rockaways always get left over,’ said Meyer. ‘It’s treated like a marginalized land in the city.’ Most of the grocery stores in the area have not reopened since the storm, and the neighborhood has been left cut off from the rest of the city, with no trains or even shuttle buses servicing the residents. Stranded neighbors largely have been relying on volunteers delivering food, water and other basic necessities while the Red Cross and FEMA were still nowhere in sight. ‘We can’t exist,’ said Ann Manning. ‘We can’t buy milk. We can’t buy cereal. We can’t buy nothing.’ As they scrape round desperately for food and are forced to use their gas hobs to keep warm, many claim they are the forgotten victims of Sandy. The Borough President of Staten Island called the reaction of Red Cross – or lack thereof – to the devastation caused by Sandy an ‘absolute disgrace’.

In a Coney Island apartment block, where tenants huddle together in one room and human waste spills out of the toilet, tenant Jeffery Francis despairs that help is not getting to Brooklyn faster. We are scavenging for food like animals,’ he told the New York Daily News. ‘We are in a crisis and no one will help us. Look at us. We are misery. Everyone cares about Manhattan. No one is looking out for us. Nothing.’ At another apartment where power is still out, residents are out of food and praying for help. Albert Miller, 58, told the paper: β€˜One person found a sandwich and we split it four ways.’

Regarding Hurricane Katrina, the evidence suggests that there was an orchestrated Democrat PR campaign, executed in part by the deplorable Governor Blanco in coordination with others, to make George Bush look bad in the crisis by, for example, prohibiting federal troops to help out. (Can’t manage Iraq; can’t manage at home; hates minorities, etc.) It wasn’t necessary. These situations are horrible in any event, and suggest that the margin between civilization and its opposite is as little as 100 hours of infrastructure failure. HT: Wretchard

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