Considering a hiatus

Roger Kimball explains.

3 Responses to “Considering a hiatus”

  1. Neil Says:

    There is a task yet before us.

    To navigate the impending chaos.

  2. gs Says:

    Roger Kimball writes, I am not alone, I know, in sensing a fateful shift in the temper, the emotional weather, of America. This is a remarkable ability for a Long Island resident who views the nation’s cultural scene from NYC. According to literary Roger, It is a dark and stormy night.</em.

    Kimball is correct that he is not alone. Peggy Noonan claims to sense the pulse of the nation while shuttling between her NYC home and her haunts in DC.

    I usually appreciate Kimball's writing when I encounter it, but this is just silly.

    PS. The problems facing the nation and the GOP are not silly at all.

    PPS. How in the blue blazes did the Republicans manage to lose the Asian vote by 3:1? I have yet to see a convincing diagnosis of the (completely unnecessary, IMHO) loss.

  3. gs Says:

    Sorry for the HTML error in the above comment. Apparently I failed to truncate italics.

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