The coming migration

NY and CA are already numbers 48 and 49 on the map above. Question: how much worse will they look by 2016?

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  1. Neil Says:

    There’s a factor left out of the map. Population vs. business attitudes. Federalism is coming back, one way or another, and what state one lives and works in is going to be much more important than it used to be. Larger states, forming a contiguous regulation regime over a larger population, will be at an advantage if the regulation is light enough. Texas is looking good…

  2. MarkD Says:

    When I retire, I can save $1500 a month by not living in New York state. That’s just state income taxes and property taxes.

  3. feeblemind Says:

    Obviously there are more factors to locating a business than just the tax climate.

    Does anyone really think places like Illinois and Michigan are good places to start a business?

    I suspect regulations, prevailing wages, whether or not a state is a right to work state or whether the state has a looming ‘fiscal cliff’ also figure prominently in the calculation of locating a business.

    I suspect the tax situation will be worse everywhere by 2016.

  4. Gene Says:

    I agree with feeblemind. And it seems kind of fishy that Illinois is so middle-of-the-pack here; doesn’t seem to jibe with everything we know about it.

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