Very strange indeed

In England a 61 year old man was convicted of the crime of having a Swiss Army knife in his glove compartment. However, you can buy the same knife online at the UK Boy Scouts website. (Some US scouts buying the knife would have committed a crime in the UK by doing so because they were too young.) There are a number of videos made by Englishmen attempting to make sense of the situation, but frankly we were more confused by the explanations. Apparently you can have a knife for camping but not an “assault knife” if we understand correctly, even if they are the very same knife. Coming soon to a country near you. Merry Christmas! HT: PL

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    This morning’s art photo stolen from Moonbattery Sowell: On Christmas, Liberals Are By No Means Liberal: The more I study the history of intellectuals, the more they seem like a wrecking crew, dismantling civilization bit by bit — replacing what work…

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