No capitulation to the inexperienced, miseducated, innumerate, illiterate, etc.

Michael Kranish has a good wrap-up of the things that went right and went wrong in the November elections, including the D’s early media blitz, the superior GOTV on the D side and its inferior, poorly managed counterpart on the R side. All well and good, lessons to be learned and so forth.

However, the most salient statistic of the election seems to us to be this: the GOP won by 1.9 million votes among those over 30 and lost by 5.4 million among those under 30. The young were the focus of targeted appeals mostly on trivial matters that seemed ridiculous to us but were obviously effective with them.

However, people age, and some may grow up. It continues to be true that they are the brokest generation, and the joke’s on them when it comes to paying the bills being incurred in this strange time. And it continues to be true that “to avoid being poor you only have to do three things: finish high school, not have children until you are 20, and be married before you have children. If you do those three things, 8 percent of you will be poor. If you fail to do these three things, 79 percent of you will be poor.” Some will learn; the goal is to maximize that number.

And speaking of the miseducated and innumerate, there’s the media to deal with. This is a tough one, because the same mentality that’s in the news departments is all over scripted TV programming as well. But you have to begin somewhere. One step might be to do some opposition research on the news people. Little example: if you send your kids to a school with an armed security department and Secret Service oversight, you shouldn’t be able to get away with mocking people advocating the same thing for regular people. As the media themselves have made clear, they are the opposition, and they should be treated as such.

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  1. MarkD Says:

    The Republicans didn’t even try with the youth vote. The ads for 2016 just about write themselves, but they still need to be made and played.

    How’s it feel, owing a mortgage worth of non-dischargeable debt for an education that can’t get you a job, because the man in the office isn’t up to the job? Or is it still Bush’s fault and if you only keep doing the same things it’ll all be OK?

    You have to pay attention, because everyone who says he’s on your side is not.

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