Stand for something

Thomas Sowell says that the GOP deserved to lose last year. He has a point. We live in a time no less urgent in its own way than that of the Lincoln Douglas debates of 1858. Lincoln lost that election but his clarity made him instantly a national political figure of the highest order. Pretending the “cliff” is a real issue is fiddling while Rome burns. America has two big problems. It has an insane set of economic policies that are a few years away from proving to be ruinous. It has an equally ruinous cluster of social behaviors, typified by the vulgarity on twitter, tumblr and the like, and the appalling, society-destroying statistic that nearly half of children are today born out of wedlock. The young and ignorant must turn away from their mis-educators and the media or their futures are forfeit. This is no small challenge since they voted in a 5.4 million majority for their own ruin. The least the GOP can do for them is to give them a clear choice.

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