Then and now


When the president calls you to talk about creating jobs, you must be doing something right. That’s what happened after Lincoln County businessman Bruce Cochrane launched his plan to bring manufacturing jobs back to American shores. Cochrane, owner of the newly opened Lincolnton Furniture Company, visited the White House on Jan. 11 to join the “Insourcing American Jobs” Forum…Obama said he hopes to help business owners create more manufacturing jobs in the U.S. “I want us to be known for making and selling products all over the world stamped with three proud words: ‘Made in America.’ And we can make that happen,” he said…Obama tipped his hat to Cochrane. “He came home and started a new company, Lincolnton Furniture, which operates out of the old family factories that had been shut down. He’s even re-hired many of the former workers from his family business. “You don’t have to be a big manufacturer to insource jobs,” Obama said.

2013. Potemkin village.

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