Is it possible to cut through the clutter?

A strong majority of those under 30 voted for the USA to keep going the way it has been going. They’ve been told that the R side is mean and bigoted and the R side doesn’t complain too much about that — just plays the game, so they apparently accept that they’re fine with things as they are. R’s are just like D’s, except they don’t believe in good stuff, like science and same-sex marriage and helping the poor — all so they can help out their mean billionaire friends. Otherwise the R’s would vote “present” or against the D program.

Is it possible to cut through the clutter of the media and the academy in a media-saturated smartphone world? Maybe, maybe not. But we don’t think you can do it playing small ball. We think you have to pick a few things and repeat them endlessly. We’d start with the economy where spending must be checked or we hit the iceberg, and we want the other side to own that disaster completely. Churchill was wrong, wrong, wrong, and suddenly so very right. It doesn’t guarantee short-term success, but that really is an iceberg.

We’d also probably use some version of the truism that to avoid being poor in America all you really need to do for the most part is to be born to parents who graduate from high school, and were married and over 20 when they have kids, and then do that yourself. Every policy that discourages this hurts people. Every cultural outlet that discourages this, such as much of the music of today, is vulgar, disgusting and hurts people. Cultural outlets that support these good values, such as churches, help people. Time to say so.

Finally, we think there’s probably an opening for some politician to brand himself with no more than three words or catch-phrases. He’s known for saying “iceberg.” He’s known for something like “everything anti-family creates poor people.” And perhaps he’s best known for saying, about most things media, “they’re lying to you.” Clarity, brevity, sharp distinctions.

Would it work? We don’t know, but that really is an iceberg up ahead.

4 Responses to “Is it possible to cut through the clutter?”

  1. Neil Says:

    That works for a politician, but may not work for a party. The Conservatives sidelined Churchill themselves, after all, until suddenly they needed him.

    Rand Paul and Paul Ryan both seem to be willing to play the part.

  2. Mike Says:

    school choice, school choice, school choice, school choice, …

  3. MarkD Says:

    Sooner or later, enough kids get out of college with diplomas that won’t get them jobs and debts they can’t pay off and they will learn. The education they got was not the one they paid for.

    Suckers. One born, every minute.

  4. Maggie's Farm Says:

    Friday morning links…

    Planetary disasters: It could happen one night – Catastrophes from the past will strike again — we just do not know when. ‘My Brooklyn’ Tells a Story of Gentrification and Loss Boeing Has Another Dreamliner Mishap: Fuel Leak in Boston New data show 1…

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