Don’t worry, be happy


American manufacturing is more dependent on metals and minerals access than ever before. Yet there is no country on the planet where it takes longer to get a permit for domestic mining. Among other consequences of this red tape, there are now 19 strategic metals and minerals for which the U.S. is currently 100% import-dependent — and for 11 of them a single country, China, is among the top three providers…The U.S. has domestic resources for 18 of those 19 metals and minerals we now exclusively import from abroad. But a maze of government regulations has made mining them here too difficult. That’s the consistent finding of the annual Behre Dolbear Country Rankings for Mining Investment, known in the mining world as the “Where-Not-to-Mine Report.” The U.S. is currently tied for last place (with Papua New Guinea) in the time it takes to permit a new mine — seven to 10 years on average.

The unemployment rate in ND, where all that fracking is taking place, is 3%, versus 7.9% in the US overall. Imagine what could happen to the US economy if we just stopped shooting ourselves in the foot.

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