Life of Julia

We had a chat with a college student recently and were surprised to learn that everything we believe comes from having lived a life of white male privilege. Humans are altruistic, except for conservatives and Republicans. Business is bad and government is good. We should fashion ourselves after Denmark, with high taxes and equality, though tribes in Papua New Guinea have societies probably better than the US. When we pointed out that in the US you have a 91% chance of not being poor by (a) graduating from high school, (b) not having kids before 20, and (c) being married when you have children, we were introduced to the term heteronormative. In 2012, Romney won voters over 30 by 2 million votes, and lost those under 30 by an enormous 5.4 million votes, a 60/40 loss. The American history that these young people have learned bears no resemblance to what we learned. We blame LBJ. We were told by the youngster that we old fossils are dying out, and bright days lie ahead for a new progressive America. Is there any hope or is the country really doomed?

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  1. gs Says:

    Is there any hope or is the country really doomed?

    Given the country’s history of transforming itself, I am hesitant to declare that we are doomed. I do say that the primary trend remains downward, with no sign of a bottom let alone a reversal.

  2. bagoh20 Says:

    So is this college student getting smarter or dumber, and why would you pay for such a thing? Seriously. If you are her parent, and you agree to pay for that education, you are an idiot, and frankly irresponsible. It’s pretty hard to justify doing that to your child, unless you’re just trying to pay them back for the diaper years fiasco.

  3. Neil Says:

    That stuff all goes in the can after about 5 years of paying student loands on a non-profit salary.

  4. MarkD Says:

    Let me guess, he or she was a ??? Studies major. Work in a grocery store for a while, and your opinion of the poor and downtrodden will change, guaranteed.

  5. Maggie's Farm Says:

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