Art and outrage, 1979 and 2013

We do not live in a time of grownups, as the over-the-top caterwauling over a miniscule 3% cut in government expenditures shows. But it’s been that way for a long time, and only now, with the children’s endorsement of fantasyland, has it become so plain. So sad. We watched the movie Argo on TV. It was entertaining, but the first half hour was maddening, maddening in the way we remembered things from 1979. You probably don’t recall that the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran in November of 1979 was at a minimum the second major attack on the embassy. When the November 4 assault occurred, the US had plenty of justification to call it an act of war and behave accordingly. The president should have given the Iranian government 24 hours to fix things or all its oil refineries, Tehran, and whatever else they valued, would be fair game. Instead, the American people had to put up with 444 days of 52 hostages, the validation of the jihadist regime, Desert I, and the creation of Nightline. Lose, lose, lose, lose.

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