Washington’s Birthday in these times


And so when our founding elders and our Founding Fathers said, ‘We don’t want King George. We want our George Washington to create a republic with tools of democracy,’ our founding elders went to the Iroquois, native indigenous Americans in upstate New York, to borrow their system of governance. In fact, when I met with some of the Iroquois leadership some years ago, they say ‘Dr. Betances, not only did the Founding Fathers take our way of governing, they also took our symbol of nationhood, the eagle, as their symbol of nation-state’

And then there’s long ago. Pick which version you like.

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  1. Neil Says:

    What a fairy tale! Only the utterly ignorant could fall for this–you’d have to ignore the roots of the Constitution in Enlightenment thinking and classical Roman and Greek governance (along with contemporary comparative studies of the Venetian and Swiss republics). The eagle as well was adopted in conscious imitation of the Roman republic.

    It’s as bad as the idea of manned flight having been invented in Africa.

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